Creative Pabrik Kardus

Creative Pabrik Kardus

Creative Pabrik Kardus

It cannot be denied that many new companies launching with their flagship products are also balanced with larger and creative pabrik kardus in developing their product quality. Thus the need for cardboard boxes for an increasing and increasing number can be easily met by cheap cardboard packing selling manufacturers who make sales in a wide range

The age of the more advanced makes everything into an instant all-round good food, knowledge and technological sophistication. Cardboard sales packing in cheap cardboard packing sell also has utilize online sales system that facilitate the process of purchasing goods.

Especially for those of you who have a busy and difficult to take time to find free time, online sales system is perfect for you. Ordering online will reduce the power required to reach goods purchases. Simply sit back at home and place an order through an internet network that can be accessed from various parts of Indonesia.

Although ordered online, the quality of the goods will remain the same when you order them directly.

Nowadays many art objects are made from cardboard basic materials such as gift boxes, stationery boxes, and cardboard cabinets and so on. So that can be said cardboard is a magical object that has many benefits and advantages and can be recycled. Various cardboard handicrafts can be found in selling cheap cardboard packing with the best quality and reliable.

Best Snowshoes in the right place

Best Snowshoes in the right place

Best Snowshoes in the right place

The key to facing winter is the right clothes in the right place. So if you are wrong costume, it is not impossible you will freak style and severely fall ill. For destinations with an average temperature of -10 to -15 degrees Celsius you can use a combination like this:

  1. First layer: Innerwear thermo technology (keep warm body temperature). This innerwear is also called Longjohn. At first glance its shape is just like a long sleeve shirt, but made of special materials that can keep warm body temperature. In Jakarta there are many stores that sell this kind of clothing, but not all good quality. Without a promotional intent, I use the UniQlo brand that has a warm temperature storage technology called Heattech. In practice, I only wear it if the air temperature is very low, below zero degrees Celsius.
  2. Second layer: wool or fleece sweater. Both of these materials actually work the same, namely to store the body’s warm temperature and dispel cold from the outside. Although impressed to function with Longjohn, but actually wool or fleece sweater be perfect Longjohn function. At temperatures lower than -5, for example, you will feel the benefit of the sweater. I chose the fleece because of the price factor and easily found in the shop lovers of nature. I used the same brand as Longjohn above.
  3. Choosing the most suitable best snowshoes that make your feet comfortable to wear and to walk.

Granny pods floor plans minimalist kitchen

Granny pods floor plans minimalist kitchen

Granny pods floor plans minimalist kitchen

In making the Granny pods floor plans kitchen a minimalist and comfortable, it is important for you to know size of the kitchen. This you need to think about to know what kind of concept that suits your kitchen. At least you can make a kitchen room that suits your wife needs.

If your home is minimalist, then create a minimalist kitchen but still spacious. You can provide a glass around the kitchen that can give a touch of spacious and comfortable impression. Do not forget to provide good lighting, so when the wife will cook at night no trouble and stay comfortable.

1.Have a good hygiene system

Secondly, you should pay attention to hygiene and health. Have a dumpster that is always kept clean of garbage or you can buy air absorbents so that the smell of cooking does not disturb the fresh air in your home.

2.Laying things neatly

When you put things in the kitchen, you should be able to tidy them up because if you are not good at organizing property in the kitchen, then your minimalist kitchen will look narrow and full.

3.Choose a color that is lit and comfortable

Then note also the color of your kitchen wall. Whether you are going to use natural bricks or use ceramics as a wall full of motifs to decorate your home kitchen. Comparison between this ceramic and wall can be an idea for you, if you like with natural bricks that look simpler; you can choose bright colors and lights up. Meanwhile, if you choose a ceramic, then choose a comfortable motif in the eyes and still give a touch of life.

Considering the above things, it is very possible you get a comfortable kitchen design in your home. Do not forget to provide a comfortable touch and arrangement of the dining room near the kitchen with the right and still can keep your togetherness and family.

Best Car Top Carrier for Storage

Best Car Top Carrier for Storage

  1. Pilot Automotive

Pilot Automotive is one of the best car top carrier with many features. From the size aspect, the storage capacity is 15 cubic feet. This size is enough for loading some big boxes. In addition, this top carrier brand is designed with aerodynamic cargo which make it weight lighter. For your information, the heavy weight top carrier can reduce the car fuel easily, so it is the best to choose the top carrier with light material. Even though light, but Pilot Automotive are durable and not easily to be torn. Waterproof technology had also applied on the bag surface. This feature can also make it withstand the sudden weather change, like from heat to rain.


  1. Thule Black

Thule Black top carrier is an ergonomically designed car top carrier with wide storage capacity. Designed with fast-click quick mount system and dual side for easy opening or closing the box. Equipped with central locking system and Thule comfort key to provide maximum security that can be removed when all locking points are securely closed. This roof box has a forwarded position design that can be placed on the roof of the car to allow full access to the trunk without disturbing the roof box. In addition, this brand had equipped with waterproof layer, which make the item stored inside won’t get drenched during rain.


  1. HaproRoady 350

Design and composition of HaproRoady 350 car top carrier looks fit with many MPVs such as Nissan Livina, Toyota Avanza, or also Suzuki Ertiga. Weighing only 10 kg, this top carrier can withstand maximum transport capacity can reach 50 kg. Made of Dutch manufacturer, this product also has a central lock baggage system that more security.Made of ABS plastic material ensures a safe protection for miscellaneous items in it. This roof box opening system is open from the rear.

More review about Best Car Rooftop visit

Suitable Hairstyle for Women with Rounded Face

Blonde Bob and Edgy Bob

Blonde bob is one of the attractive, famous, and beautiful Hair style for Women, especially for women with rounded face. This hairstyle can be said semi-long because usually your hair will be cut to shoulder length. Blonde hair bob model can give a more tapered facial effect due to curly hair made curly. That way your cheekbones will look more prominent and reduce the effect of chubby cheek. While for the edgy bob style, with short and shaggy hairstyles and several layers on your hair, edgy bob hairstyle is perfect for you who have a round face shape and chubby cheeks. In addition edgy bob cut edges right in your jaw so as to give a more tapered facial effect.

Bohemian Waves and Excellent Waves

This Bohemian waves hairstyle for women is formed with many waves rocking on the side with its center in the center. Long hair on the side will make face not too round anymore. With a larger volume of hair around the neck, then this hairstyle can also balance your chin to look smaller. While for the excellent waves, this charming curly hair was once used by some celebrities in Hollywood. With ripple hair waves on the left and right will make you look elegant. These two long wavy hairstyle are the perfect to match with rounded face.

Layer and Shaggy

This layer hairstyle for women is often chosen because it can make your cheeks will look more gaunt and graceful. Layer function here to make it easier to increase your hair volume. But make sure also not to use the layer in large, because it can affect when you tie the hair. When the volume of this layer is too much, then you only have a little hair to tie, so the beautiful impression can’t be obtained anymore. While shaggy hair model is suitable for the face of a round face of the hair model that the lower part is cut thinner than the top. As for the upper part is made higher and volume so it gives the impression of face more oval or long.

Fleur de lis home decor with mural

Fleur de lis home decor with mural

Fleur de lis home decor with mural

You can create a creative Fleur de lis home décor with fresco or mural, paint game, and also wallpaper to beautify the existing room. Add also a personal touch that you think is best suited to be placed in the bedroom.

Do not forget to add also a variety of unique and unusual decoration to make your room look more interesting to see. Take advantage of every side of the wall as much as possible.

Create a Vertical Storage Place. The next room decoration tips are to start replacing the storage you’ve been using. Begin to get rid of big furniture that takes up the space and floor space of your room. This way is proven to make the room more spacious and not crowded.

Instead you can place the outboard shelf on the wall, so that the furniture is visible together with the wall.

Furthermore, storage places such as drawers and desks can also you put on the wall. This way is a great way to clear the narrow room space, so that more space you can use for other things. Evidently, that storage shelves are important items.

Take advantage of Multipurpose Furniture. Furthermore, decorating tips that you can do is to maximize the floor space is limited by using multifunctional furniture. For example, you can use a folding bed that has two functions as a place to rest at night and as a work desk and storage room during the day.

Even if you want to save more space can also by using a bed that can function as a sofa / sofa bed during the day. The more space you can have in the bedroom later.