Which Credit Card that Suit A Traveler?

If you regularly or frequently travel by plane, both domestically and abroad then this could be one reason for you to have a credit card because the purchase of airline tickets is more profitable when using a credit card. A number of airlines in cooperation with certain credit card issuers periodically offer promo or price discount is quite tempting, can be in the form of tickets only or complete tour packages.

Price Discount and Promotion for Traveling

Or sometimes there are airlines that offer two free promo buy one ticket or the like, which of course makes the price per ticket becomes much cheaper. In addition, if you make a plane ticket purchase using a credit card, you will usually get travel insurance in one package provided by the credit card issuer.

A number of credit card issuers also issue co-branded credit cards in cooperation with certain airlines. With a co-branded credit card, you will get frequent flyer or mileage points whenever you fly with the airline, which can be collected and exchanged for special fares for airfare or even fly free to certain destinations.

Furthermore, certain types of credit cards offer executive lounge facilities that you can enjoy as a holder.

Ordering tickets online from your smart phone generally requires you to have a credit card. Online travel agents will debit funds from your credit card to pay for travel tickets. Transactions like this are very easy, can be done anytime just by using a smart phone. Ease like this is not owned by debit card. If you travel frequently and make reservations online, choose a credit card for air miles so you can collect air miles points that can be redeemed for the next journey.

Icici Travel Card Login Mobile Application

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