How to Entertain Your Bird Pet?

Make a fun feeding process for the worker. You can make the feeding process more enjoyable to your bird by making the process time to interact. For example, feed the birds directly from your hands. Or, whistle while feeding your birds.

Add entertainment to the birdcage to make sure that the bird is entertained and challenged. Birds are smart animals and they must do challenging things to occupy themselves and stimulate their minds.

Start with at least four diverse and interesting toys. Make sure the toy is safe for birds and fingers or beak will not get caught in the toy.

Toys that are not safe for birds include: ropes (can trap the feet and new birds); wire (can puncture the bird); bell shaped like a “jingle-bell” (bird’s legs can get caught in a small gap in the middle of the bell

Do not use the same toys repeatedly. Change a little! Birds can feel bored with the same toys constantly. Like us, birds enjoy a variety of things. By buying new toys, you will increase the bird’s sense of happiness and reduce the chances of birds plucking their fur because they are bored.

How to know which size hole you should use to attract birds?

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