Guidance to Know Which Foods Contain Rich Protein that Good for Body Shaping

Proteins are composed by amino acids that are not produced by the body, so they must be supplied through food or drink you consume, whether animal or plant.

Here’s a protein-rich diet you can consume daily to meet your protein needs:

-Code fish is a type of saltwater fish found in the Atlantic Ocean. So do not be surprised if in Indonesia, cod fish is a bit hard to find. If any, the possibility of imports. Protein content of fresh cod fish is quite a lot, such as 20 grams, but for salted coded fish (preserved) protein content reaches 75 grams per-100 grams. In addition to protein, fish is also equipped with omega 3, vitamin A, and vitamin D.

-Tuna fish is known as the best protein source because the protein content is 2 times the protein of eggs. In addition it tastes delicious to make this fish much in demand as a daily dish. Tuna contains 21.5 grams of protein per 100 grams, similar to salmon, halibut or sea bass.

-Chicken breast is the leanest part with abundant protein content. Chicken breast is often used as the main menu in the diet. In addition to chicken, you can also consume turkey if you get bored. Chicken and turkey breast contains a protein of about 22 grams per 100 gram. The difference lies in the fat content. Turkey has lower fat than chicken.

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