How to Handle Couple with Depression Disorder

Depression disorder can make your spouse appear “distant” causing tension in your relationship. You may be lonely and burdened by a pile of housework because he is too lethargic to finish it while he is trapped in a depressive phase. It may also be shut out from the surrounding environment during these times.

On the other hand, you may feel annoyed because your partner can never be silent; acting recklessly (shopping frenzy or even resigning from his office); speaks very quickly but is difficult to understand; until always staying up all night while in phase mania.

Recognize Mood Changes in Your Relationship

Mood changes due to depression disorder are sometimes unpredictable and can occur at any time without having to be triggered by something certain. This extreme mood swings can occur several times a year. But between the phase shifts of mania and depressive, mood and emotional changes can be normal as normal people do. That’s why dealing with a depression partner can really feel tiring for your physical and mental.

Depression couple does not mean your relationship is the root of the problem. If depression disorder becomes a thorn in the relationship, it’s time you act for your spouse and yourself.

Find out about his illness. Just like other mental disorders, depression disorder can be treated and cured with medication and therapy. To support the therapy, you must first understand and understand the conditions that your partner suffered.

Depression disorder is often misinterpreted as a form of disability of a person’s character. In fact, depression is a mental disorder caused by biological factors that are beyond the control of the person. Some risk factors for depression disorders include genetic (hereditary) and brain function disorders.

Risks Occur in Dating Someone with Depression