Ideas to decorate lift top coffee table

Books can be the next coffee table decoration option that you can use especially if you have a coffee table with transparent surfaces made of glass or plastic. Books should not be stacked just above the surface of the coffee table because they will look more beautiful if you stack them nicely on a shelf under the coffee table.

You can also try putting a double coffee table in your living room. You will get better results especially if you have a spacious living room. Of course the placement of this double coffee table needs to be adjusted to the size of your living room. You can also add statues that are useful to provide balance in your living room.

Plants are always able to add a fresh impression in the living room. Coffee tables are usually the ideal location for putting fresh plants. However, if you find it difficult to put a fresh flower decoration on the surface of your coffee table, you should provide a natural feel in the living room by using decorations in the form of terrariums and cactus plants – cactus that is easier to care for without having to be replaced too often.

You can improve the aesthetic aspect of the living room by giving geometric games by combining round tables and square trays for example. In addition, you can do coffee table decorations by adding personal items to the surface.

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