How to Prevent Apple Calories Being Lost WhenApples are cooked?

Apples are often consumed by being processed into various kinds of food. Most apples are cooked as desserts such as cakes or sweets. Apples can also be converted into jams that are good to eat with bread. But if you want to try to live a healthy life it needs to be changed in how to process apples. Processing of food ingredients can affect the calories of these ingredients, especially when processed by mixing other ingredients such as flour and sugar. Fruit is one of the ingredients that is very easy to lose calories and nutrition because of the cooking process. How to process apples so that the apples calories do not disappear when cooked is by not heating them too long. When an apple meets a fire that is too hot, the calories and nutrients will decrease. So the processing of apples is very important to maintain the vitamin. Apples contain lots of vitamins that can be lost at certain temperatures so the processing process must be very guarded.

Some dishes require apples to be cooked until soft even too ripe like apple pie. So the calories from the apple itself have been reduced but replaced with calories from other ingredients mixed, where the other calories are far greater than apples. Unfortunately large calories do not mean good for consumption. Apples are actually better consumed with the right amount of calories without having to be reduced or added more. The safest method of processing is to cook the apple over low heat and not to overcook it. Do not let the apple turn too soft so the liquid in the apple is gone. We recommend that apples be consumed as fresh as a salad or eaten directly. Make a fruit from the apple by cutting a small apple without removing the part of the skin because apple skin has a lot of nutrients. Then mix with other vegetable fruits to make more and add olive oil as a dressing. If you want to avoid excessive calories, avoid mixing apples with mayonnaise. Cooking apples is wrong is the most effective way to maintain calories and vitamins from apples.

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