Few Side Effects of Spatula Kitchenware

Most types of spatulas are made of plastic, let alone that looks attractive by using a variety of colors. But, behind the beautiful type of plastic spatula, the effect is very dangerous. Cooking utensils such as spatulas are harmful if used for hot food because they are potentially melting, as a result the content of harmful compounds that melt can be absorbed into the food.

-Incidence of Poisoning Effects

The most dangerous effects such as poisoning can also be generated from the type of plastic spatula you use. For example, if you use it for cooking or stirring hot food, the plastic can release toxins in the food and pose a danger to poisoning to its users.

-Prolonged Osteoporosis

Do you have any type of aluminum spatula at home? Decide not to use it again from now on. Did you know, the aluminum content in the spatula type that exceeds the normal dose in the body can trigger the onset of osteoporosis?

Of course, this can inhibit bone growth because aluminum compounds can inhibit the absorption of calcium and iron for the metabolism of the body.

The above is an example of the consequences of using a type of plastic spatula. Then, how to choose the type of cookware that is safe for your family and cannot cause long-term illness such as cancer?

Reference: https://www.iechistore.com/

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