Simple Tricks to Take Good Care of Your Favorite Bags

For women, handbags, clothes and pants are their treasures besides the precious metals they have. Because the three fashion items that can show the identity as you want in place of many people.

However, all three items have their own lifespan, and avoid caring for them will make the damage come faster. For that, it is important to know how to care for the fashion item. And below we’ve summarized 10 easy ways to care for fashion items that you can make reference.

  1. Use products that contain beeswax like body lotion, lip gloss and hand cream to make your waterproof canvas shoes. Rub gently and then dry with a hair dryer.
  2. Checks can be a choice of new tool to remove tangles on the collar shirt.
  3. To remove the stains used deodorant. Try rubbing clothes with a denim pants on a daily basis. Try this in an area first to avoid discoloration.
  4. Eliminate yellow stains sweat remnants left in the clothes can be by spraying lemon juice before washing the clothes.
  5. Stale bread buns you can use to remove stains on suede material. Rub gently on the ends of the skin. Then the stain will gradually disappear.
  6. Make your vintage shirt feel softer by immersing it in a quart of water mixed with half a cup of salt for three days. After that wash back normally and the T-shirt material will feel softer.
  7. Cover oil stains on the bag with baby powder and leave it overnight. In the morning, usually the stain has been successfully lost from the surface of the bag.
  8. Moisturizer can actually remove scratches on the bag with leather material. Apply a moisturizer using a cotton bud until the scratch disappears.
  9. In order to color dark blue denim pants you do not fade, mix half cup of vinegar when rinsing after washing.
  10. Eliminate odor on vintage clothing can with spray mixture of Vodka and water. Create a mixture with water and vodka ratio of 2: 1

Now you know how to care for bags, clothes and pants.

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