How to style long hair with braiding?

How to style long hair with braiding is easy, as well as braiding hair from the top. Actually you do not need to salon to make hair look good, with a tutorial how to braid your own hair, certainly will make the appearance of the usual hair to be special and will make people amazed to see it. Please refer to tutor below.

Braids extra hair. Repeat the same steps as mentioned to spend the rest of the hair that is on your head:

-For a 1-inch hair cut to 1-inch from your scalp, and apply oil or hair gel

-Prepare your hair braid and divide it into three pieces

-Use a twisting method to combine your real hair into your hair braid

-Complete the braid using the usual 3-strand method until you reach the tip of the hair

Perfect each braid, it’s important to take the time to make sure everything is smooth, flexible and flat. When you see any bulging bumps or bumps on your braids, you need to get them out and start over. If your natural hair is loose from the strands of hair that you braid, you should remove the braids and add oil or gel to moisturize them and reduce them.

-You may need to re-braid the same strands several times so that the braids are ‘right’.

-If your braid is uneven, you may have to start with a section that has a different thickness. You should remove your hair braids and roll them back into three flat parts.

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