Suitable Hairstyle for Women with Rounded Face

Blonde Bob and Edgy Bob

Blonde bob is one of the attractive, famous, and beautiful Hair style for Women, especially for women with rounded face. This hairstyle can be said semi-long because usually your hair will be cut to shoulder length. Blonde hair bob model can give a more tapered facial effect due to curly hair made curly. That way your cheekbones will look more prominent and reduce the effect of chubby cheek. While for the edgy bob style, with short and shaggy hairstyles and several layers on your hair, edgy bob hairstyle is perfect for you who have a round face shape and chubby cheeks. In addition edgy bob cut edges right in your jaw so as to give a more tapered facial effect.

Bohemian Waves and Excellent Waves

This Bohemian waves hairstyle for women is formed with many waves rocking on the side with its center in the center. Long hair on the side will make face not too round anymore. With a larger volume of hair around the neck, then this hairstyle can also balance your chin to look smaller. While for the excellent waves, this charming curly hair was once used by some celebrities in Hollywood. With ripple hair waves on the left and right will make you look elegant. These two long wavy hairstyle are the perfect to match with rounded face.

Layer and Shaggy

This layer hairstyle for women is often chosen because it can make your cheeks will look more gaunt and graceful. Layer function here to make it easier to increase your hair volume. But make sure also not to use the layer in large, because it can affect when you tie the hair. When the volume of this layer is too much, then you only have a little hair to tie, so the beautiful impression can’t be obtained anymore. While shaggy hair model is suitable for the face of a round face of the hair model that the lower part is cut thinner than the top. As for the upper part is made higher and volume so it gives the impression of face more oval or long.