Tips to be a good audience in theaters

There are several things we must remember, if we want to be an orderly audience.

  1. Try not to come after the film starts

Before the movie starts, there are usually several ads that are played. Even so, the average audience has begun to fill the studio. Try not to arrive late, except for emergency. Imagine when we were sitting in the studio, then there were some people who came late. We will surely feel disturbed because they will go back and forth because of the hassles of finding a seat number.

  1. Turn off the cellphone or set it with silent-mode

It is very annoying if there are some viewers who are still playing the phone when the movie has started. Or play a cellphone as long as the movie is playing. We know that we will watch a show with many other people, so turning off the cellphone is the most appropriate step. Tell a few friends or colleagues to contact us again after the movie ends, before we go to the cinema.

  1. Don’t chat while watching

We must realize that cinema is not a place to chat. There are times when excitement when watching a particular scene makes us too eager to discuss it with our watching partners. But keep in mind that not everyone likes to be bothered by our chat. Just comment in a whispering voice then hold our comment until the movie ends.

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